Terms and Conditions

1. University Rules

a. A short course leads to the award of a certificate after learning the required credits. Accepting offer to join a short course means that you are agreeing to abide by the rules and regulations of Abbottabad University of Science and Technology.

b. After joining a short course you are bound to follow the instruction communicated by University/Department time to time.

c. In case of any misconduct, you will be treated as per University rules and regulations. In case of any special circumstances you are bound to obey Department/University decision.

d. All the participant of short course are required to prepare properly for the course and for other activities which are the part of the course. You are abide to the guidelines or special conditions relating to course during the commencement of course.

2. Payment of Charges

a. All the participants of short courses are required to pay all dues in advance. The course fee includes, registration fee, tuition fee and assessment fee (where applicable). This fee does not include the cost of your learning material.

b. The course fee includes the use of IT labs where ever needed.

c. All those who are offered a place in a short course are required to pay all related dues within allocated time period. Failure may lead to the cancellation of registration.

3. Cancellation of course or transfer to other course

a. You are allowed to transfer you place to another course, if a space is available in the target course.

b. Cancellation of space from a course may be done by sending an email to the shortcourses@aust.edu.pk or by visiting in person to the concern office/Department.

Abbottabad University of Science and Technology, Captain Akaash Rubbani Shaheed Road, Havelian, KPK Pakistan, (+92)992-***-****

c. In case of transfer to a course with higher charges, you are required to pay the difference. In case, of transfer to a low charges course, you are entitled to refund the difference.

d. Transfer from one course to another is acceptable within a week after the start of course.

e. Additional fee may be charged for additional services, for example, to provide study material, travel fee etc.

4. Rescheduling of course by Department/ University

a. University may reschedule a course under unavoidable circumstances. In such case a full refund of course fee will be provided to candidate as settlement.

b. Department/University reserves right to make changes in the course, for example, location, tutor, etc.

5. Assessment

a. The use of unfair means during assessment may lead to cancellation of your seat from the course. In such case, you are not entitled to refund the course fee or any other charges.

6. Support for the students

a. If any support due to disabilities/injuries or learning difficulties is required, contact shortcourses@aust.edu.pk or in person to concern office/Department.

b. The support will be provided under the University rules and regulations.